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Plugged Festival: a festival for students and music lovers from Eindhoven

Plugged Festival was first created by a group of students who wanted to share their love for live music and decided to organize a festival. By hanging “bands wanted” posters all over the university campus, they tried to get in touch with enthusiastic musicians. The first edition of the festival in 2013 turned out to be a great success, with many talented artists and an awesome audience.   In the last few years, Plugged Festival has evolved into the major music event of the TU/e. With three years of experience, the Plugged Festival crew will try their best to make sure Plugged 2016 will be even more successful than the previous editions. We hope to see you on the 2nd of June!

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Line-up 2016


Cairo Liberation Front are electro cha3bi pioneers, maybe you’ve seen them perform at festivals as Amsterdam Dance Event, STRP, Pukkelpop and Best Kept Secret. CLF promotes the sonic Arabic revolution. Electro cha3bi comes from the popular neighborhoods of Cairo. Producers use cracked software; combine American hip-hop, Eurohouse and Arabic rhythms. It has the live power of punk rock shows and early house parties. ON STAGE: 23:00-23:45 Cairo Liberation Front


An name that raises as much questions as expectations, and that’s how the men of Fake Billy & The False Prophets like it. Raw energy, sharp songs and catchy hooks. Their debut album Chickboy was released in 2015 and since then they played many shows in their notorious Strech-Ya-Ass-Tour. Dance your pants off!! ON STAGE: 21:50 – 22:35 Fake Billy


Adam & the Relevants is a band from Amsterdam who play rowdy, hook-heavy guitar pop. They are inspired by 90s bands like Weezer and Oasis, as well as contemporary bands like Wavves and FIDLAR. The songs are careless, bold, witty and about nothing grand or glamorous. Nothing new, nothing artsy, just a collection of songs you can instantly sing along to. ON STAGE: 20:45-21:30 Adam Relevants pic


This 4-piece garage electropunk formation from Utrecht was founded at the Herman Brood Academie and sounds loud and shamelessly dirty. Influenced by bands like Die Antwoord, Sleigh Bells and The Kills they build raw and catchy grooves. 45ACIDBABIES know how to shake both the earth and your hips. ON STAGE: 19:40 – 20:25 45AB perspic GOED

Moeders Mooiste

Moeders Mooiste are a handsome Dutch funk rock band from the South of the country. They combine funk, hiphop, rock, reggae, ska and Balkan with catchy Dutch lyrics on which you can go completely nuts. Inspired by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Doe Maar and Herman Bread, they have songs that certainly will stay in your head for a while. Funky Dutch music with guts! ON STAGE: 18:35-19:20 Persfoto Moeders Mooiste

Kid Calloway

These guys from Eindhoven are together since high school and sound like a cross breeding between Thin Lizzy and MC5.  Bashing riffs, howling guitars and explosive rhythms, Kid Calloway has it all. They released their EP “Born Again Man” in 2015 and conquered many  souls ever since. ON STAGE: 17:45 – 18:15 Kid Calloway      

The Ultra Magic Balloons

The Ultra Magic Balloons represent the legends of the past. Stars like David Bowie, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix can all rest in peace, as these fine young men keep the old school spirit alive. They crossed paths in Eindhoven and have been playing together since 2015. The name Ultra Magic Balloons originates from a place the band often rehearses. Namely Ad Balloon, a balloon company with more than enough space and rock ’n roll! ON STAGE: 17:00 – 17:30 Magic Balloons      

The Maraboos

The Maraboos was launched by the end of 2013, when a misunderstood Facebook post brought five boys together. The boys started to play and after a full year of rehearsals and some small shows, in 2015 their first E.P. was released online, named ‘Come Back Home’. Describing their music as “summery melodies with some harder fuzz-riffs”, they now play an entire set of own work which sounds a little Britpop/Indierock. ON STAGE: 16:15 – 16:45 TheMaraboos_Upstairs (1)  



Date: Thursday June 2th 2016 Time: 16:00 – 0:00 Location: Eindhoven University of Technology (5 minute walk from railway station, see below) Entrance: Free Tokens: €1,25 Food: Yes For questions you can mail us at info@pluggedfestival.nl Attend on Facebook to stay updated!

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