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Plugged Festival: a festival for students from Eindhoven

Plugged Festival was first created by a group of students who wanted to share their love for live music and decided to organize a festival. By hanging “bands wanted” posters all over the university campus, they tried to get in touch with enthusiastic musicians. The first edition of the festival in 2013 turned out to be a great success, with many talented artists and an awesome audience.   In the last few years, Plugged Festival has evolved into the major music event of the TU/e. With three years of experience, the Plugged Festival crew will try their best to make sure Plugged 2017 will be even more successful than the previous editions. We hope to see you on the 11th of May!

Plugged 2017


Line-up 2017

16:30 / 17:00

Vera Zane

This singer-songwriter act from Eindhoven formed in the roots of the Rock City Institute. From alternative to heavy rock music, this group makes up for a great starting act. Be sure to view their facebook and don’t miss out on the first act of Plugged Festival of this year.



17:05 / 17:35

Walk the Vehicle

Again from Eindhoven, this band has great songs of acoustic rock, which they also performed at this year’s Kleine Prijs. Already well known in the region, the previous acts showed much quality, so definitely visit the act of the students Bas, Casper and Camiel. Also, check out their facebook.




17:40 / 18:25


The upcoming band from Eindhoven has very energetic pop/rock acts you do not want to miss. The group of 4 students is currently working on their first EP, which will be released on May 6th in the Effenaar.  You might want to check out their upcoming EP with Plugged, right on the campus.



18:30 / 19:00

Goddammit Mike

This group of four also performed at the Kleine Prijs with some indie rock/pop. This fresh, not too heavy mix of singles creates the unique band that will be playing around dinner time. They achieve to build an amazing ambiance, so join the festival and share an act of catchy singles.

and @http://www.goddammitmike.nl/


19:05 / 19:50

Aeris Brass Band

Performing prime-time, this brass band always creates a party with their New-Orleans influence. Using funky instruments like the percussion, the largest band of this year’s edition gets you in the mood for more acts to come. Clocking in just after 7, this act is the definitive follow-up of the student bars and Protagoras. No is not an option here.


19:55 / 20:55

Robin Hood

An act which will definitely give you some extra energy. Mixing hardrock with garage influences, the band has some heavy stoner rock in their portfolio. The three from a town near Eindhoven has played in the Gaslab before, performing at the Kleine Prijs.


20:30 / 21:15

The Stangs

In February, this act released their first EP, Parable. Situated in The Hague, this band plays Dune beat, some funky and relaxing 70’s music. Already they have had some serious location, such as Doornroosje and Poppodium Underground. As they are getting attention with social media and record labels, you don’t want to miss out on this genuine act. Listen to their EP here.

and @https://www.facebook.com

21:15 / 22:00


This band from Nijmegen presents itself as an energetic band with very up-beat and danceable tunes. As the main act of SG, they complete this year’s second stage with an authentic festival-vibe. Their reputation includes the major locations in their hometown and getting their track on 3FM without promotion. A great act for the hyped crowd and the late to join.


22:00 / 23:00

Black Mable Selection

Representing the last mainstage act, this band already has quite a fanbase in and around Eindhoven. With rock-type beats they will build up the energy even further. The Black Marble Selection, BMS for short, is the act of our festival and is one you do not want to miss.

and @https://www.facebook.com


23:00 / 00:00

DJ Cerious

 The closing act of the festival will have the DJ of SSRE. He will continue the vibe for another our and leaving everyone tired at midnight. This is the hour where you want to grab a last (or not) beer.





Date: Thursday May 11th 2017; Time: 16:00 – 0:00; Location: Eindhoven University of Technology (5 minute walk from railway station, see below); Entrance: Free; Tokens: €1.50; Food: Yes.

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