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Are you there this year? 4th of June 2020

Last editions have been a great succes and therefore Plugged is back! Whether we have sunshine or rain, we will welcome you again to Plugged Festival 2020 to enjoy good music, delicious food and cold beers!


Plugged 2020 will take place on the 4th of June at the TUE!

-Plugged Festival 2020 Crew-



About Plugged Festival


A festival for students from Eindhoven

Plugged Festival was first created by a group of students who wanted to share their love for live music and decided to organize a festival. By hanging “bands wanted” posters all over the university campus, they tried to get in touch with enthusiastic musicians. The first edition of the festival in 2013 turned out to be a great success, with many talented artists and an awesome audience. In the last few years, Plugged Festival has evolved into the major music event of the TU/e. With more than six years of experience, the Plugged Festival crew of 2020 will try their best to make Plugged 2020 an absolute success!

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Pictures of Plugged 2019


Re-live Plugged Festival 2019 with these pitcures! Found yourself? You can download the picture through our Flickr-album here. If you use a picture, leave the watermark visible.

© Iris Wind Photography, 2019




Line-up 2020


Sign up from the 1st of November to be part of Plugged 2020!

See band registration!

Band Registration

BAND REGISTRATIONS ARE OPEN NOW! We are looking for bands who are making their own music. Below you can subscribe!

Band subscription form Plugged 2020

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Hello there!

Awesome that you want to be part of Plugged 2020!
Please, fill in the subscription form and we will contact you!
For questions, please mail to, and we will try to respond as fast as possible!


“Apart from the selection for Plugged Festival, held 4th of June 2020, we’ll invite few bands for a second competition held Thursday 6th of February in Café de Altstadt, Eindhoven. The winner of this smaller competition will not only get a spot at Plugged, but will also be asked to play a paid support show in the Altstadt for an act of your choice! Bands selected for this competition will be announced 16th of January 2020.”

Thanks for signing up! You will be contacted by mail soon about the status of your band registration.


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Adres: Groene Loper 6, 5600MB Eindhoven
Phone number: +31 (0)40 – 24 73 140