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Last year, Plugged Festival 2020, was cancelled due to the COVID-19. This year have good hope to organize Plugged Festival 2021! We are brainstorming and in consultation to organize a safe event according to the measures by different parties.

Last editions have been a great success and therefore Plugged will be back! Whether we have strict or less strict measures, we are trying to welcome you again to Plugged Festival 2021 to enjoy good music, delicious food, and cold beers! More info about the event will follow soon!

-Plugged Festival crew ’21-



About Plugged Festival


A festival for students from Eindhoven

Plugged Festival was first created by a group of students who wanted to share their love for live music and decided to organize a festival. By hanging “bands wanted” posters all over the university campus, they tried to get in touch with enthusiastic musicians. The first edition of the festival in 2013 turned out to be a great success, with many talented artists and an awesome audience. In the last few years, Plugged Festival has evolved into the major music event of the TU/e. With more than six years of experience, the Plugged Festival crew of 2021 will try their best to make Plugged 2021 again an absolute success, but probably in a different setting!

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Hi, fellow Plugged fans!
It’s been a while since we last got to enjoy the Plugged festival, but we are back! Due to COVID, the crew decided to organize an online event, but alternating the best bands with the best TU/e DJs.

The DJ’s Wanted is currently closed and the winner will be announced soon!


Pictures of Plugged


Re-live Plugged Festival 2019 and the Plugged Festival Winter Edition of 2020, with these pictures! Found yourself?

You can download the pictures of Plugged Festival 2019 by clicking on this link.

And the pictures of Plugged Festival Winter Edition 2020 by clicking on this link.

If you use a picture, leave the watermark visible.

© Iris Wind Photography, 2019




Line-up 2021


Line-up 2021

The bands and DJ’s will be announced soon! Keep an eye on the social media to know the be kept updated!


Social Media





Adres: Groene Loper 6, 5600MB Eindhoven
Phone number: +31 (0)40 – 24 73 140




We are really happy to announce that Studium Generale will host the SG-stage again at Plugged 2020!

Studium Generale is there to broaden your horizons, to be inspired or to experience something extraordinary, you can attend a large number of different activities throughout the year at Studium Generale. A fantastic extra in addition to what the regular TU / e educational offer.
Lectures, discussions, concerts, exhibitions, theater and film performances, workshops and other special activities. Often accessible for free. For students, but also in collaboration with students.